Profiles In Courage

2006 marks the fiftieth anniversary of President Kennedy's book Profiles In Courage. This book describes the work of U.S. Senators who showed the kind of courage President Kennedy admired. The book describes U.S. Senators who risked and sacrificed themselves for the sake of their convictions about the good of their country.

The book is also an excellent history of the U.S. in a very readable form, unlike most textbooks.  In honor of its author, fiftieth anniversary and usefulness we will read it for this class.

Every year there is a Profiles in Courage Essay Contest for High School Students The winning essayist and six finalists receive cash awards. Information is available online at We will be writing essays and entering them.

Each student will also nominate a candidate for the annual John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award.  If to be submitted for consideration the candidate must be a living American who is or was an elected official. However, for the purpose of this class alone, it may be an elected official living or dead. The candidate should have displayed the kind of courage President Kennedy describes in his book.