Advanced Placement European History

Mr. Goldman

Tests and Quizzes


bulletThere are twenty quizzes, ten for each term.  There is one major exam for each marking period. The quizzes are based on the readings from Palmer and Colton and class work. Each quiz consists of ten multiple choice questions. Each test has a multiple choice component consisting of fifty questions. The tests and quizzes must be taken online on the specified days. Please consult the calendar for the test and quiz schedule.


bulletYou have fifteen minutes for each quiz. And you have one hour for each fifty-question multiple choice test. If the time you take for a quiz exceeds fifteen minutes or for a test exceeds one hour,  it will be noted automatically and you will not get credit for that quiz or test. You must register before you can take a quizzes and tests. Do not wait till the day of the quiz to register. It may be too late. You only need to register once for the term.


You may register and take tests and quizzes at


Essay Questions

Essay portions of marking period exams are to be submitted via email. Essays must be sent to the appropriate mailbox. Questions for current exams are posted on the essay question page just before the due date. It is only necessary to answer one question in a very well-written essay.



Document Based Questions will be assigned as homework or an extra exam. They are available on the practice DBQ page. Answers are submitted via email to essay mailbox.


Note: When answering essay questions or document based questions, please refer to definitions of directive words and apply the definitions in your answers.